Nana mexico


Here at Nanna Mexico, we do more than serve delicious and authentic food. We believe that every great meal should also be served with a great story.

Once upon a time in Mexico City, lived my nanna, Margarita. The year was 1958 and times were hard. As a single mother living in a cramped room with seven kids, you need dedication, and my nanna was nothing if not dedicated.

Some called her crazy, but she decided one day that having seven mouths to feed wasn’t enough. She was going to feed the entire neighbourhood.

Out she went into the street, carrying her kitchen table laden with fresh ingredients. In a way, this was the first Nanna Mexico. A table in the middle of the barrio bravo. And from that day on my nanna worked her magic; turning market-bought ingredients into mouth-watering meals for the local factory workers. It was simple and it was good.


From her experiences, nanna taught me three rules that
I have followed to this day:

Buy fresh

Cook simple

Waste nothing

Nanna Mexico is born out of the spirit my nanna passed on to me. It is born out of the hardship of the Mexican streets. Out of the fight for survival. And out of the intense passion that such a life breeds.

This passion was behind my creation of Nanna Mexico nine years ago, a passion to bring my nanna’s Mexico to the UK in one authentic piece. The smells, the colours, the textures, and most importantly, the ingredients of my nanna’s kitchen are what you will find here.
We’ve come a long way from that table in the street, but I like to think that my role now is the same as my nanna’s was way back then. To serve you delicious, fresh food to nourish you for the day ahead.

And now that I have served you a story for your heart and mind, I hope that you will treat your stomach to one of my nanna’s authentic delicacies.

Thank you,

Luis. The Mexican.