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Cooking Together

Cooking Together is an initiative that runs one-day workshops in prisons.
People employed in a local business work alongside people who are in prison to teach them how to prepare a feast for the other people who live and work on their wing. The day concludes with the trained team serving the food they have made and everyone eating together.

‘Being involved in our community in this way gives more meaning to the work of my staff and it exposes people in prison to a trade that is noble and useful and that they may have skills for. In both cases, as a business, I benefit from having people that find meaning and purpose in working for me and, in the long run, I help to create a qualified workforce. I have found people in prison are keen to work hard given the opportunity. A successful business is where everybody benefits, and I think this initiative is a good example of that.’

Luis Navarro,
Founder and owner Nanna Mexico


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